December 10, 2018

*ok, 37, not 50. But we couldn’t resist.

50 years is an impressive age for a shoe. Especially, if it was and is a classic must-have for every generation over the past five decades.

No question that PUMA celebrated the 50th anniversary of the iconic Suede in style throughout the year: no less than 37 exclusive Suedes dropped over the course of the past year including joint designs with different partners from the worlds of fashion, music and culture as well as seasonal packs created by PUMA’s designers.

Kicking off the Suede 50 celebrations, the B-Boy Pack dropped November 4, 2017.

It was at the beginning of 2016, when Adam Pieters, PUMA’s Teamhead Product Line Management Sportstyle Footwear, and the sportstyle team sat down together to brainstorm about how to make the Suede’s 50th birthday special.

The idea: a series of projects turning the birthday into a massive project that involved the whole business unit, from product line management and design to marketing and go-to-market.

We wanted to collaborate with people who already had a good understanding and bond with PUMA and especially the Suede. But we also wanted to include people whom we had never worked with before to bring a completely different spin to the Suede.ADAM PIETERS, TEAMHEAD PRODUCT LINE MANAGEMENT SPORTSTYLE FOOTWEAR AT PUMA

Looking at what happened over the past five decades and at the impact the Suede has had in music and culture, they came up with four areas they wanted to represent in the different Suede designs: music, fashion, street culture and pop culture.

From that point on, Adam and Yassine Saidi, PUMA’s Senior Head of Select Sportstyle, started setting up a list with potential partners ending up with the ones we all know by now.

We had a comprehensive list in the beginning, but then we started narrowing it down to the ones that made the most sense in terms of what fits the Suede and PUMA as a brand and also to the ones we had a good feeling about when we reached out to them.YASSINE SAIDI, SENIOR HEAD OF SELECT AT PUMA

Sounds easy, but it was, and still is, a lot of work. In weekly meetings, the sportstyle team decided to launch at least four unique Suedes in every quarter to involve all four fields. Additionally, every quarter should have one highlight. 


The PUMA x Karl Lagerfeld Suede Classic comes with a complete collection.


PUMA x Bradley Theodore Suede Classic. The american artist Bradley Theodore is known for his colorful paintings.


PUMA x Barbie Suede Classic. A barbie doll dressed in PUMA from head to toe comes with the Suede x Barbie in an exclusive sneaker pack.


PUMA x BIG SEAN Suede Classic. PUMA and the American rapper designed a complete collection together.

Only then they started reaching out to potential partners and set up meetings with them. The initial list contained more partners than those that eventually designed a Suede with PUMA in case someone would not hit the timeline or have an idea that would not work.

“The great thing was that everybody wanted to be part of the celebration, because it is a milestone for a company to have a shoe that is still as popular and relevant as it was on day one,” Yassine explains.

Luckily, everyone was keen about it, because we would not have wanted to miss a single drop of the 37 unique Suedes!

Click through to have a look at all 37 Suede 50 drops!


En Noir draws inspiration from the tattoos of En Noir’s founder Rob Garcia.

Suede B-Boy: For B-Boys and Flygirls from the breakdancing community of the 80s.

Rudolf Dassler Suede: A tribute to the PUMA founder.

MIJ x The Collectors: an exclusive “Made in Japan” edition.

Breakdance Cities Suede honors some of the most influential breakdancing cities from around the wold.

Golden Suede with a 1968 stamp on the insole signifying when the Suede was first created.

PUMA x Michael Lau Suede. The artist from Hong Kong is known for his illustration and designer toy figures.

PUMA x BIG SEAN Suede. American Rapper Big Sean gave his stamp to the Suede reflecting his classic meets street luxe style.

Fubu Suede, in collaboration with the American hip hop apparel company FUBU.

The Suede Embellished comes in white and black colorways.

The Exposed Seams Suede features all the hallmarks of the iconic version, like the famous narrow tooling but adds textured laces and exposed PUMA Formstrip seams.

Suede MCM. Founded in Munich in 1976, MCM is a luxury leather giant that has become famous all over the world.

Suede Bobbito: American DJ, author, filmmaker and member of the classic hip-hop group Rock Steady Crew, Bobbito, and the PUMA Suede came of age at the same time.

Hello Kitty has ruled over the pop culture world for more than 40 years. PUMA x HELLO KITTY collaboration hits the scene with bold hues, cheerful graphics, and stylish detailing.

The Suede MAC comes in the hues of MAC cosmetic’s most legendary lipsticks.

Ferrari Suede 50 in Ferrari red, of course and with a Formstrip inspired by the carbon fibre used in the world of F1.

Suede Made in Italy honors aspects of Italy with rich designs and intricate story telling.

PUMA x XLARGE. X-Large is a clothing line founded in Los Angeles in 1991. It became popular with urban youth and hip-hop artists.

Suede Santa Cruz. Founded in 1973, Santa Cruz is the oldest skate brand.

Suede STAMPD desigend in collaboration with Stampd aka West Coast design legend Chris Stamp.

PUMA x Panini Suede celebrates a passion for sport and collecting.

Suede Chains is a modern update of the classic silhouette.

PUMA x The Weeknd Suedes with “19” and “68” branding on the tongues representing the year the Suede was born.

The american artist Bradley Theodore is known for his colorful paintings.

Paul Stanley Suede: KISS frontman Paul Stanley is one of the most influential rock artists of all time.

PUMA x Poggy. Motofumi “POGGY” Kogi, creative director of United Arrows & Sons, is an influential streetwear icon in Japan’s fashion scene.

PUMA x Chapter II comes with eye-catching gold accents for more elegant, street-ready flair.

The Suede Power Through Peace honors 1968 Olympic Champion Tommie Smith, who raised his fist to draw attention to human rights abuses and discrimination.

Karl Lagerfeld Suede. The creative director is synonymous with timeless, Parisian-chic styles.

Pepsi MAX is inextricably linked with pop culture and the trends of generations past and present – much like the Suede.

The Suede Street Pop Culture comes with an extra-funky, eye-catching flair.

Suede Street Jewel Culture comes with with a metallic jewel piece on the eyelets and two pairs of laces.

PUMA x STAPLE in collaboration with Staple Creative Director Jeff Staple.

PUMA x BARBIE Suede comes with a barbie doll dressed in PUMA from head to toe.

Suede Swarovski bedazzled with crystals.

Suede B-Boy: For B-Boys and Flygirls from the breakdancing community of the 80s.


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